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Scholarship Winners


2015 Winner - April Clark, primary reading teacher in the Watertown CSD. Pictured with Richard Edwards, President of RC 9 & 2nd VP JLCNR (L) and Lynn Hunneyman, President of JLCNR (R)

2015 Winner - Tricia Stevens, Spanish Teacher at Lowville Academy. Pictured with Lynn Hunneyman, President of JLCNR (L) and Richard Edwards, President of RC 9 & 2nd VP JLCNR with Tom Griffiths, President of Lowville TA (R).


2014 Winner - Haley Messenger of Alexandria Bay. Pictured with Mike Montigelli

2014 Winner - Kathleen Farney of Loweville Central School Pictrued with Lynn Hunneyman, right, president of JLCNR-RC9 and Thomas Griffiths, President of the Lowville Teachers Association.

2013 Winner - Tasha Plante, a 1st grade teacher at Brownville Glen Park, General Brown District. Pictured with Joan Carol, Lynn Hunneyman, and Dick Edwards


2012 Winner - Maria Barbaglia, a Spanish teacher at Sackets Harbor Central School. Pictured with Dick Edwards and Lynn Hunneyman

2011 Winner - Natalie Wendig, a high school art teacher at Watertown High School. Pictured with Dick Edwards, Lynn Hunneyman, and Richard LaLonde


2010 Winner - Karin Martinez, an elementary teacher in the 1000 Islands School District. In the photo with her is Steve LeBlanc, representing 1000 Islands on the Exec Bd, Carol Lawrence, representing Lyme and membership chair and Lynn Hunneyman, president of JCNR- RC9.