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Jeff-Lewis Council of NYSUT Retirees
Council 9



President: Lynn Hunneyman (Belleville Henderson), rep to the Jeff Lewis Teacher Center & Coordinating Council

1st Vice President: Richard LaLonde (Watertown). rep to the Trades and Labor Council, alt NYSUT delegate

2nd Vice President: Richard Edwards (Watertown), Retiree Council 9 President, NYSUT delegate, rep to Coordinating Council

Secretary: Peg Bootie (BOCES)

Treasurer : Claudia Curley ( Carthage)

Dick LaLonde, 1st Vice President; Peg Bootie, Secretary; Claudia Curley, Treasurer; and Lynn Hunneyman, President. Absent Dick Edwards, 2nd Vice President and President of RC 9


Executive Board

Back from left to right: Dick LaLonde, Donna LaLonde, Carol Lawrence, Peg Bootie, Dick Grissinger, Liz Brennan, Mike Montigelli, and Lynn Hunneyman Front: Lynda Carney, Joan Carlo, Sue Herse, Pat Guldenpfennig, and Claudia Curley


Membership Coordinator: Carol Lawrence (Lyme )

Legislative Coordinator: Carol Frost, (Copenhagen)

Social Committee Chairperson: Donna LaLonde (Watertown)

Webmaster: Carole Ashbridge (Sackets Harbor)